What are the Benefits of Cross Cultural Horizons’ Global Training Seminars?

Our lifestyles are becoming more global and our world is increasingly diverse. This rapid evolution brings greater opportunities for growth, yet most of us underestimate the subtle differences in the way people from diverse backgrounds perceive the world – and how greatly this can impact our success in communicating and doing business with them.

Developing our cultural intelligence can help us interact more effectively with people from all regions of the globe – characterized by different values, customs, attitudes, behaviors, languages, and time zones. If we can effectively perceive how people think, communicate, and behave in cultures different than our own, we will learn to interact with them more successfully.

Through lively, interactive discussions, role-playing, and self-assessment exercises, participants in Cross Cultural Horizons’ tailor-made corporate seminars will discover new ways of seeing the world and its people. Using effective tools to interpret the subtle differences between cultures across the globe, participants will walk out of these seminars with an enriched level of cultural intelligence, ready to practice their new skills at home and in the workplace.

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